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Cutting Services

  • Hair Cut and Blow Out

  • Hair Cut with Straightening Blow Out

  • Hair Cut Only

Styling Services

  • Straightening Blow Out

Color Services

  • Single Process Color + Cut & Blow Out

  • Single Process Color and Blow Out

  • Single Process Color Only

  • Double Process + Hair Cut & Blow Out

  • Double Process Color and Blow Out

  • Partial Balayage + Cut & Blow Out

  • Partial Balayage and Hair Cut

  • Partial Balayage with Blow Out

  • Partial Balayage Color Only

  • Partial Highlight with Blow Out

  • Full Highlights with Blow Out

  • Full Highlights Color Only

Other Services

  • Single Process Color and Cut Only

  • Partial Highlight + Cut & Blow Out

  • Partial Highlight and Cut

  • Partial Highlight Only

  • Full Highlight Cut and Blow Out

  • Full Highlight and Cut Only

  • Hair Cut and Natural Curl Styling

baltimore • since 1997

Exquisite Straight Hair

baltimore • since 1997

Curly Hair Magic

Christian Holmes

Owner / Stylist / Educator

The idea to start this company was born out of my passion to learn and share the best methods in the practice of my craft, from my first days of hair school. After 22 years in the business I am still obsessively focused on improvement. I have mapped haircuts with a ruler and compass, solved color problems like math equations, spent weekends at home matching color lines with each other, and taught thousands of hours of classes in classrooms, auditoriums, on stages at conventions and on the salon floor. My greatest professional prides are my successful students and the twinkle in the eye of a client who has fallen back in love with her appearance after a service with me. Through WERKS Trichology I am expanding my reach and helping more people by developing a salon and academy to teach advanced cutting, coloring and styling.


Curl Specialist

Sarah is a Curl Specialist at Werks Trichology with a passion for both art and science. Her dedication to curl borders on obsession. She is constantly studying, updating her knowledge and skill and sharing both in the salon and on social media. Sarah has a bachelor's degree from Towson University in Psychology, while also having previous experience in the medical field. Sarah is also a painter and has exceptional taste in hair coloring. These passions meet in the salon when Sarah creates stylish shapes in beautiful curl enhancing shades for curls waves, kinks and coils.


Ralph Majkovsky

Coloring Artist
They said

He truly understands my fine, straight Asian hair

Christian has been doing my hair for the last 3 years. Even after I moved to the other side of Maryland, I still make the 1 hour drive just to see him. He truly understands my fine, straight Asian hair. If my hair isn’t cut right, it can look flat and heavy despite the strands being fine themselves. He creates light-feeling hair styles that provide my hair texture and volume while skillfully framing my face. I went through a phase where I wanted highlights and he performed a beautiful balayage that provided my hair the dimension that I craved without the brassy orangey color that many stylists deliver when coloring Asian hair. Education is important to Christian. I don’t usually style my hair and I wanted to learn how to create volume from my straight hair. Christian took the time after our appointment to show me blow drying techniques and how to incorporate products to create the lift I wanted at the roots. I love leaving my appointments feeling confident that I am in great hands.
Kristy Chu

I find myself flying back to Baltimore for an appointment with Christian

Christian is a rare gem to find in this industry! He listens, consults, walks you through his plan of action and doesn't let you leave unhappy. Christian is so particular and such a perfectionist... he measures twice and cuts once... and you can only "cut once!" Also, it is hard to find someone who understand how to work with my full, thick, high pigmented Asian hair. I started going to Christian in 1997. His eye for color and hairstyle pairings are always on point. For color, I have gone from black to silver and all the colors in between; red, purple, green, blue, blond, etc. As for hairstyle, I have gotten all of them through the years; from long layers down my back to shaving half of my head to pixie cuts. Christian doesn't just cut hair, it has to frame your face and match your personality! About 7 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles and searched high and low trying to find someone with skills that measures up to Christian. This ended up as a failed mission as I find myself flying back to Baltimore for an appointment with Christian. He is always current on the latest color, hairstyle and techniques. I trust him so much that I just sit in his chair and let him do his mastered artistry. Thank you for always giving me sexy and beautiful hair!
Mabel Luen

Cut and color lasts and grows with me over time

Christian is a true Hair Designer. He engineers your hair into a shape and color that is perfectly suited to you and your hair needs. He asks me things like: "How often are you ok with coming back (to get your hair maintained)?", "How long do you take to get your hair ready in the morning?", "What kind of products do you use?", "How often do you wash your hair?" He is honest and a visionary when assessing your hair for certain looks or styles based on the texture of hair you have. His versatility with all kinds of hair and clientele is amazing and I've seen many other stylists observing him as he does his work. Sometimes I even come in telling him to "have fun and be creative and make my hair look good", and he is passionate about delivering a cut and color that is not only perfectly suited to my personality, but he also tells me how to take care of my hair and make the cut and the color last and grow with me over time. I've been coming to Christian for haircuts for over a decade and even after living in different cities outside of Baltimore, I know I can always come back to my friend for supreme attention, detail, and personalized hair care. Thank you, Christian!
Stephanie Sumedi

Totally Knows Asian Hair!

I have been going to Christian for over 20 years. Even though I have moved out of state, I make it a point to get my hair done by him whenever I return to Baltimore. He’s extremely talented, and he totally knows Asian hair!! He listens, makes me feel comfortable, and is just an all around great guy! I completely trust him with my hair and have never been disappointed.
Felice Tan

Slick and Stylish

I have been going to Christian for over 20 years. I have followed him from shop to shop throughout Maryland. He is obviously an amazing stylist! I have straight Asian hair and do not like to spend much time maintaining it between cuts. Christian’s haircut is slick and stylish. I have a cropped boy cut and yet he is able to style it so it is still feminine. I get compliments regularly. The most amazing part is that Christian cuts and styles my hair every six weeks and I do not have to do anything in between- just hair paste and go. I have recommended him to all my friends and acquaintances, especially for Asian hair. So excited Christian will have his own shop! To infinity and beyond!
Dr. Terry Nguyen

My hair always turns out runway ready

I met Christian about five years ago when I was desperately searching for a stylist. At the time and prior to meeting Christian I had gone through multiple salons and left with less than satisfactory hair cuts. After doing thorough research and speaking with multiple people, I was introduced to Christian. To say he’s talented is a true understatement. I am an Asian American with extremely dark, thick, and slightly wavy hair. To many this would seem like a blessing; ladies, it is not. Asian hair is tough to style; one wrong cut or angle and it’s noticeable and rather tragic; dark hair is also extremely tough to lighten- it always wants to turn orange. Only a true master stylist with the proper training, precision, and continued education can work on Asian hair. Hands down, Christian is a pro. My hair always turns out runway ready and continues to stay that way as it grows out. Lately we’ve been playing around with color, caramel, blonde, and even silver. Christian has recommended some of these color choices and I have NEVER been disappointed. I will continue to exclusively have Christian style my hair and would absolutely and whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Christian for everything. You’re beyond talented; I’m so fortunate to not only have you as my stylist but also a friend.
Moira Johnson

Best Stylist In The Area

Christian Holmes has been my hairstylist for many years; I returned to him after I moved out of the neighborhood since he is the best stylist in the area. It is difficult finding a stylist who can cut and layer thick Asian hair as well as sculpt it. I really like how naturally the hair falls after the cut which makes it easy to maintain while looking the best I can. A good hair cut will raise anyone’s self esteem especially if done by Christian. Both my teenage kids get their hair done by Christian as well, knowing they are in the best of hands. Plus, on top of being the exceptional hair guru, Christian is one of the most charming, warm, and intelligent people I know! (Mina Cheon, MICA Faculty, international artist lives between Baltimore, NY, and Seoul, Korea)
Mina Cheon ● MICA

You will leave feeling transformed!

I’ve been seeing Christian for over 10 years now and he’s the most talented and capable curly hair stylist that you could ever find. I did not think that someone could cut my hair so it had control and actual style, until he did. He is thoughtful, efficient, personable and professional, and after an appointment, you will leave feeling transformed!
Kim Miller

He is a curly hair magician!

I can’t say enough good things about Christian. I found him about 5 years ago and haven’t let anyone else touch my hair ever since. He is a curly hair magician! It’s hard to find someone that does all aspects of curly hair. Some can give you a good cut but can’t color, or aren’t focused on overall hair health. He does my cuts, color, trims and everything in between. My hair has been completely transformed from over processed, dry stringy heat damaged curls to healthy curls full of bounce body and shine! Not only is he a great stylist but he’s also professional and pleasant at all times. So happy I found him and once his hands touch your head you will be too!
Nicole Ford

Compliments For My Curly Hair

Anyone with naturally curly hair knows how hard it is to find a good stylist - and when you do, you hang onto him! Christian has been doing my hair for the last 17 years. Even after moving to the mid-west, I now schedule my east coast visits to coincide with my haircut schedule, just so I can have Christian cut and style it! I always receive a lot of compliments on my hair. Thank you, Christian!
Cathy Sullivan